Recipe: Point and A Half

Recipe Posted on Friday, Sep. 1, 2017

In celebration of America’s Native Spirit, here’s a token from our bartenders for #BourbonHeritageMonth. Try this recipe at home, or order one at The Hive’s bar all September long.

Point and A Half
1.5 oz Old Grand Dad
.75 oz Punt e Mes
.5 oz Luxardo Apricot Liqueur
2 dash Angostura

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe.  Express a lemon peel over the drink and use as garnish.

Punt e Mes is a Vermouth Amaro whose name translates to “point and a half” because of it’s extra bitterness.  When combined with the rye forward mash bill of Old Grand Dad Bourbon and the stone fruit flavors of Luxardo Apricot, it creates a spin off of a Manhattan that is assertive with an extra touch of bitterness. Cheers!