Juxtapose Hazy IPA

Juxtapose – to place or deal with close together for contrasting effect, or the space between two contrasting ideas

Historically, art has always been something that has been a luxury of the elite and something out of reach for the mainstream individual. Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown’s (founders of 21c Museum Hotels) original vision of bringing art to communities to enjoy is itself a juxtaposition of what the art world has historically represented. I believe this name tells the story of our brand simply and encapsulates 21c’s trailblazing mission.

-John Robinson, Food and Beverage Director at The Hive

Envisioning a new way to expand access to contemporary art, 21c Museum Hotels was founded in 2006 by philanthropists, preservationists, and contemporary art collectors Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown in Louisville, KY. Their seamless union of museum and hotel was a striking success and after a chance encounter with Bentonville’s own Alice Walton, plans for a 21c in Bentonville soon came under way.

Steve and Laura Lee’s mission to provide communities with accessible and thought-provoking connections to contemporary art has remained steadfast. The Hive drew inspiration from this very concept in a recent collaboration with Ozark Beer Company with the launch of Juxtapose Hazy IPA. With the creation of this beer, The Hive and Ozark Beer Company seek to pay homage to Steve and Laura Lee’s original mission of offering accessibility to contemporary art via a most audacious juxtaposition : museum and hotel. Designed with this in mind, the artwork on the Juxtapose can features 21c founder himself, Steve Wilson.

Enjoy Juxtapose Hazy IPA at The Hive or at Ozark Beer Company.