Matthew McClure Headshot

Matthew McClure, Executive Chef

Chef Matthew McClure was born and raised in Little Rock, where he realized his passion for food.  After studying at Vermont’s New England Culinary Institute, McClure honed his skills in Boston and worked at a number of restaurants including No. 9 Park under the direction of Barbara Lynch, Troquet and Harvest.  After years in Boston, the lure of his home was strong and McClure returned to Little Rock, where he worked under chef Lee Richardson at Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel.

During his tenure, McClure developed a deep appreciation for local ingredients, reinforcing his passion for Arkansas’ food culture. Showcasing the region’s farmers and culinary landscape, McClure’s menus are true to the High South, highlighting ingredients such as black walnuts, freshly milled corn meal, hickory smoked hams, peaches, melons and sweet onions.